5 Tips for Your First-Time Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot air ballooning is probably on your bucket list, just like most people. And why not? After all, it is an exciting and fun activity. Plus, you will get the best view and Instagrammable photos in your life while on a hot air balloon. You’ll also witness the most breathtaking view of the sunrise. So, whether it’s to fulfill your bucket list, a romantic getaway, or just something you want to experience at least once in your life, it is truly a magical experience.  Click here at https://ballooningcanterbury.com/.


Ballooning is a thrilling and surreal experience, indeed. However, the experts at https://ballooningcanterbury.com/ would like to remind everyone that while hot air ballooning is fun, there are still a few things to keep in mind. And here are some of them

Ballooning is an early morning activity

The safety of hot air balloon rides is heavily dependent on the stability of the winds. And, in most cases, the winds are most stable during early mornings. So, be prepared to wake up really early if you don’t want to miss your ride.

Anticipate flight cancellation due to bad weather

Ballooning is an activity that heavily depends on the weather, especially the wind. But the weather is a fickle thing. So, if there is any sign of unfavourable weather looming, your flight will have to be rescheduled. That’s why the staff at https://ballooningcanterbury.com/ recommends that you book your flight at the beginning of your trip. This will give you plenty of time to reschedule should your flight get cancelled. If you bought a voucher, make sure to check the expiry date. You should also pay close attention to the guidelines on how many times you need to book to extend the validity of your voucher.

Wear proper attire

Since hot air ballooning is done at dawn, expect the early morning chill on most of your ride. So, make sure to wear proper attire. Wearing layered clothing will allow you to adapt and adjust your body temperature to the weather easily. It would also be best if you wear a visor or a hat and sunglasses.

You should also wear pants that you can move in, so you can easily climb in and out of the balloon basket. Moreover, wearing sneakers with high socks or boots can help protect your feet from grass burrs should you end up landing in a grassy field.

Come with an empty bladder

Another important thing to keep in mind is that there are no bathroom breaks when you go ballooning. You won’t find any bathrooms at 5000 feet in the air. So, come with an empty bladder when going ballooning.

Ready yourself for a rough landing

There’s no telling how and where you’re going to land. In some cases, it’s pretty smooth. But you should still expect to get jostled. The pilot may also need your help to land the balloon, so listen and follow their instructions carefully.

If you want to experience a fun and exciting activity during your New Zealand trip, make sure to book a hot air balloon ride with Ballooning Canterbury on their website at https://ballooningcanterbury.com/.