Harley Davidson First Service: What’s Included in the First 1000-Mile Maintenance

Harley Davidson bikes aren’t just so-so bikes with its cost that reaches millions. The brand never fails to land on the top 10 list of expensive bikes. And its performance on the road also never fails to satisfy. So if you own one, congratulations! Even before you take your bike for that much needed refreshing road trip, here are some Harley Davidson first service maintenance insights you should know.



harley davidson first service



The 1000-Mile Maintenance Checklist

You won’t feel any significant performance issues when you hit the 1000 mile marker. But this is necessary to keep your bike in top shape as it survives another thousand or 2000 miles. Specifically, here are the Harley Davidson first service maintenance routines to do:

  1. Replace the oil filter and engine oil.
  2. Check the brake system, including the fluid reservoir, discs, oil lines, and brake pads. If you need to buy parts for replacement, be sure to source your supplies from an authorised Harley Davidson merchandise Australia supplier.
  3. Check the spark plugs and air suspension.
  4. Lubricate and adjust the clutch controls, brake, and throttle.
  5. Check and adjust the critical fasteners, such as the fork components, handlebar and riser, axle nuts, hand controls, and brake system.
  6. Check and replace the transmission’s lubricant.
  7. Check the pressure, wheel spoke tightness, and pressure of the tyres.
  8. Check if the lines, fuel valve, and fittings have any leaks.
  9. Check the exhaust system, and replace or repair if necessary. Be sure to know if there are any cracks, leaks, or missing heat shields.
  10. Lubricate the jiffy stand.
  11. Feel free to customise. If you want your bike to exude a unique look, you can also contact providers of custom Harley Davidson Australia has in store for you.

Once you’ve done all these routines, be sure to do a road test. Use all the features and manoeuvre the bike in different ways to see if its gears and components are all fully functional. Remember that the Harley Davidson first service is intended for upkeep. This ensures that your bike will last a long time.

The perks of getting your first service from an authorised dealer

Although you can’t find a lot of performance issues during the bike’s first 1000 miles, maintenance is still important. And you need not worry about the complexity of this task. With expert help, you can get this done in no time.

Unless you’re trained to do HD maintenance routines, availing of authorised HD service is a must. This assures you that your bike is in good hands. Experts also have contact with authorised suppliers of Harley merchandise, as well. This means you’re also assured of quality spare parts if a replacement is necessary. And the best thing is the fact that some providers offer loan bike options. This option gives bike owners another bike to use while the maintenance is carried out.

Do you think your HD now needs the first service? If yes and you’re in Queensland, you might like to buya Gasoline Alley Harley-Davidson unit. The shop is an authorised provider of HD servicing and merchandise.