Here’s how to buy a used motorcycle and not regret later on

Not everyone wants hand-me-downs. And yet, interestingly, more people still opt to buy used cars and motorcycles—even if they have the budget for new units. As you can see on, people patronize their used Suzukis, Harleys, and Bandits. And that is because pre-owned motorcycles are not all disposable!

Now, if you have the budget but you’re still on the fence about buying a used bike, you are right. You do need to think about a few factors before buying a motorcycle—especially a used one.

Don’t be discouraged from buying a used motorcycle. Just read these considerations and you can buy the right used motorcycle for you!

Visible signs of damage

Of course, you don’t need to be an expert to know if a used bike is a no-go. You can do an ocular inspection of the following.

1. Signs of crash damage. You can tell if a motorcycle went through an accident if it has wobbly wheels, crooked handlebars, dented gas tank, cracked fiberglass covers, and many more.

2. Signs of leaks. While oil leaks are usual, you still have to be wary of its source. Does the leak come from the engine, rear-drive, or transmission? Typically, a fluid leak is a sign that a unit has consumed high mileage.

3. Signs of regular maintenance. If a motorcycle doesn’t have any noticeable dents, scratches, or chips, it’s a sign that the previous owner took well care of it. However, you still have to check its inner parts, too—so, we recommend tapping on a technician. They can help you know if the unit you’re planning to buy is viable!

Ask for the service record of the bike.

Some dealerships can provide you with the receipts of the used unit. This is important as you can use it to determine the health of the motorcycle. Through its service records, you can confirm if the signs of damage you noticed during the inspection are indeed from an accident. The pricier the list of services the unit had, the more suspicious you should feel about the unit.

When to buy a used unit?

We know you can’t wait to use a motorcycle. However, if you want the best deals and if you have plenty of time to spare, you might want to wait until the fall season. This is when you will find the best sales and killer prices. If you want to buy a motorcycle now, there are also good deals at

Check the resale value of the unit.

Also, check if you’re spending on a unit that has a high resale value. Now, the truth is some brands just do better than others do when it comes to resale value. The Hero Honda, for example, tops the list for some riders. Bikes like the Hero Honda are typically ideal for constant riding or touring around your locality. Besides the brand, the modification, age, condition, and demand will also affect the resale value.

Should you buy from a dealership or a private seller?

How do you know if you should buy from a dealer or a private seller? Believe it or not, sometimes, your approach will affect your transaction. Whether you’re buying from a dealer or a private seller, it will matter.

If you will act overtly suspicious from the beginning, chances are they will be agitated as well, thus they will hesitate to give discounts or be more considerate. Therefore, aim to build a relationship with them—whether they’re a bona fide salesman or just a regular gear head.

Buy quality used bikes today.

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